Sam Steel is probably best known for that huge, powerful voice coming out of such a tiny frame, but there is so much about this amazing Ottawa-born singer & songwriter that you should get to know.

Sam Steel does not fit into one musical category… she sounds like the love child of Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, and is equally comfortable writing and performing folk, rock, blues, jazz  or country… Her true and devoted love of all things music doesn’t fit into a little box (even if she would).

Sam grew up in a musical family, but started her professional life with degrees in education and theatre. A self-described ‘passionate dreamer’, it wasn’t until a few years later that she could no longer avoid the draw and desire that the pursuit of a full-time life of writing and performing music held.


“When I first ventured into music, someone told me to give it three years, and if I hadn’t had any luck, to settle down.  I didn’t.  It has been five years since I ventured into this industry and I only now feel like I am stepping out of music school, ready to drive forward.  MOVING ON tells the stories that I’ve wanted to tell throughout these last five years.  It is about coming to the present and being ready here as me with everything I have done to become me.  Now the dust has settled,  new stories will be made, new sounds discovered, and more music is already coming“


Energetic, young, ambitious and with a love of hitting the road, Sam has lived, written, busked and performed in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Nashville – and many a small town in between.


Stay tuned for updates on when Sam Steel will be playing in YOUR town!